Chi You Clone

Chi You Clone

I recently received a Chi You clone from a fellow vaper, and I must say I am rather impressed! China is really gaining strength in the “Clone War”. Lets talk about all its good points first…

- The Clone that I got is visually IDENTICAL to the actual Chi You, the only minute difference is in the Serial number. The text on the clone is just slightly thinner. I have seen a number of chi clones out there that have a misspelling of the word style on the bottom cap, the one I have however is the correct spelling.

-The Laser etching on the one in my possession is real laser etching! I have seen other clones out there that say they are laser etched, but the appearance looks to be more of a sticker.

-The clone also has adjustable brass pin contacts, and they are pretty nice! I’ve also found a there are silver contacts available!

The Clone delivers a decent hit. I would give it a 7 out of ten, especially concerning the price. I’ve had other friends say it is a 10 out of 10, but I would have to disagree. Don’t get me wrong its far from bad, but I am going to have to investigate the voltage drop on this mod, as I have found my K100 seems to hit better at times.

While it looks great and preforms decent, the 3 major problems I have with this mod thus far are as follows:

- This sucker gets HOT! the bottom cap gets extremely hot and very quickly when regularly vaping! I would call myself some what of a “Chain-Vaper” and I take some pride in that… being the type of vaper I am, I prefer not to have to set down my mod from heating issues, a problem I have been running into with this mod.

-The button on this fires very very easily, and the lock isn’t 100% reliable. I locked it once and set it down on my desk… a few minutes I came back and found it had been firing the WHOLE TIME… it was BURNING HOT! so BEWARE!

- Flat top batteries? Don’t even THINK about it! I tried putting a panasonic flat top batterie in this mod and immediately got auto firing problems, so Flat tops are OUT! I would only recommend using AW batteries if you are going to be sporting this mod.

Over all Score : 7.5 out of 10

Final Thoughts:
If you are looking for a clone that looks great and performs well for the price, I would recommend you check it out…just keep in mind the button sensitivity and don’t put a flat top battery in it!


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